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Each Series of Fundraising New Zealand magazine is for six consecutive monthly Issues and a subscription for each Series is charged accordingly.
The Series subscription for the magazine (one copy) is established at a very affordable level - $95 plus GST.
A subscription to multiple copies is maintained at an equally very low level as often the extra copies are provided to others within the organisation (CEO, Board Members, branch office, etc.) and we would rather they have their own pristine copy rather than something photocopied or received ‘on circulation’.

Overview of The Current Issue
  • Editorial – Southern Stars and Charities Services
  • Get a jelly bean view of your data – by Tony Bozzard, Senior Account Manager New Zealand, Equifax
  • New Zealand Chartered Accountants Charity Reporting Awards
  • Putting culture change to work (Part2/2) – Darren Ward, Managing Partner, Direct Impact Group
  • Charity and the language we use – Craig Fisher, Audit Partner and Chairman of RSM
  • People, Gifts, Grants and Sponsorships
  • Q&A12 – Sandy McGregor, Fundraising Team Leader, Marcy Hospice Auckland
  • While bureaucrats and politicians attempt to defend the ineffective and inadequate – timely reporting and accountability walks out the door. A report on the Southern Stars Charitable Trust and Charities Services.
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